Looking at your old-fashioned bathtub might make it hard to envision a trendier alternative that represents today’s aesthetic touch. Even if you’re all about functionality, showers can be the better option since they save more space in a smaller bathroom.

But don’t fret; converting your tub into a sleek, modern shower area couldn’t be easier if you leave it to expert hands. Your only responsibility is to browse the best tub-to-shower conversion ideas to pick one that matches your vibe, which we’re here to help you with.

Below are our seven favorite tub-to-shower makeovers—all ready for your long-awaited bathroom upgrade!

Idea 1: Standing Shower for Tight Corners

Does your bathroom feel claustrophobic with a bathtub, toilet seat, and sink all jammed up in a seemingly haphazard way? Many vintage or mid-century bathrooms have this cluttered layout, posing accessibility challenges for seniors or people with certain health conditions.

If you’re ready to renovate your bathroom with minimal changes to the plumbing system, your best option is to transform your tub into a standing shower. It’s also the greatest idea if your bathtub juts into the middle of the room with no way to enclose it into a walk-in shower.

A professional will simply remove the tub and install a standing shower with a glass door, if the space allows it. 

Idea 2: Partially Enclosed Standing Shower

This idea also works for the previous scenario, only if the layout of your bathroom or the available space doesn’t enable the installation of a closed-off standing shower.

You may opt for a partially open shower here, with a pane of glass dividing it from the rest of the bathroom area.

Sometimes, it’s not even a matter of space or design but accessibility. Some people with mobility issues may prefer an open shower that accommodates a wheelchair. So, it needs to be flush with the floor, not enclosed with a glass door and outfitted with grab bars.

Idea 3: Completely Open Shower to Maximize Bathroom Space

Not everyone may be comfortable using an open shower because your bathroom floor will rarely dry! But some people don’t mind as long as it can free up space in a too-small bathroom with a bulky bathtub.

Take a look at this design, for example. It shows the installation of a shower head directly next to a toilet seat—perfect if you live in a small apartment with limited renovation freedom.

Here’s a slightly more convenient design if you don’t want to keep drying your toilet and sink after every shower. It requires a larger bathroom, so you can easily dedicate a separate area to the shower where the water quickly drains without flooding the entire room.

If that’s not an option, a good middle ground is a design where there’s a glass divider between the shower and the toilet. It’ll definitely minimize the amount of water that sneaks toward the rest of the bathroom, but you’ll still have some mopping to do!

Idea 4: Open Shower With a Step

If you don’t like the idea of a shower that shares the same floor with your bathroom, there’s another option up our sleeves. But this one works best if the tub you’re looking to replace is at the far end of your bathroom, like this traditional layout or this more modern one.

In this case, consider taking down the tub and installing an open, standing shower at a higher level than your bathroom floor. This neat tub-to-shower conversion idea gives your shower area an invisible border without needing a glass door.

And, since you can install shower curtains with water going down the drain, you can prevent water from leaking into the bathroom. Complete with new wall and floor tiles, shelving units, and grab bars, the space where your bathtub stands will be pleasantly unrecognizable!

Idea 5: Glass-enclosed shower With a Step

A perfectionist may want subtle design adjustments to the previous idea, so we’re here to cater to everyone’s needs! 

If your bathtub is pushed to the back of your bathroom, you may also try dedicating this space to a shower with a glass door on a raised floor. Thanks to the transparent glass, It keeps the water contained while still making your bathroom look spacious.

If you have enough space, consider installing a built-in bench in your closed-off shower to make the most of each square inch. 

This bench can be a fantastic design choice for the elderly, if you want to use your shower as a steam room, or when you need to sit down to exfoliate your body properly!

Idea 6: Half Conversion!

Some people love the idea of a bathtub—something about warm baths after a long day at work is simply irresistible. But you might still want to replace your old, bulky bathtub with a more luxurious-looking and stylish one.

In this case, we advise you to choose a modern, white bathtub and enclose it with a glass partition with a door. This design bridges the gap between a tub and a shower for those who want the best of both worlds.

It features black fixtures and a barn-style glass door, completely transforming your bathroom into a glamorous creation. But bear in mind that this idea doesn’t work well as an accessibility solution—you’ve still got the previous tips for that purpose!

Idea 7: Tub and Shower Combo

Another way to upgrade your bathtub area, especially if you have a big bathroom, is to install a new bathtub and add a shower section, too. 

Sure, a project like this will cost you more, but it’ll be convenient for all scenarios. It’s suitable for a quick shower, a hot, relaxing bath, elderly use, and so on!

Better, several designs offer the same idea based on the layout of your bathroom. There’s this one with a built-in bench, this fancy design with a double shower, or this lovely glass partition with a standalone tub with a sunken shower floor.

Bathroom Remodel? Talk to the Experts!

Transforming your tub into a shower can be an aesthetically pleasing, functional, and space-maximizing idea. If you’re unsure how to tackle this project, we hope our list of tub-to-shower conversion ideas has put you on the correct path. 

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